Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, professional space which reflects the high caliber of talent working in Manitoba.

We are here for Productions. Specifically.

The majority of commercial spaces available in Manitoba are looking for long term tenants. Our commitment to the creative industries within in MB are reflected not only in our short term lease options but in our dedication to continuing to improve our spaces.

Being a part of the community means we are accessible and listening for ways to improve our shared work environments. We care that technicians have a safe and  efficient space to create.

Built for technicians. By technicians.

With a combined 20+ yrs of technicians experience in the creative industries the UNIT204 team saw a need for more and specialized work sites. Before we acted on that need we asked our fellow technicians what would help them do their work

Together, we created an efficient, safe and professional work environment supporting the technical, physical, and creative needs of people working in UNIT204. 

As the industry grows we will continue to evolve our spaces with technicians input.